SUPPLY CHAIN AND SOLUTIONS - Hefei Sino Protection Medical Products Co., Ltd.

    Welcome to inquire and discuss cooperation, we will cooperate with you at the attitude of strict,

    honest and responsibility to create a better future together.

    Our Goals

    We help partners build new supply chains to make healthcare business better and better.


    Logistics and warehouses

    We provide local third-party logistics (3PL) and warehousing services to many customers in USA. In the near future, we are also considering

    building our own overseas warehouses in some countries with long-term business to help customers reduce pressure on the supply chain.

    Allows you to operate more easily and efficiently.


    It requires a deep understanding of your immediate and long-term goals. We’re more than a vendor. We’re an extension of your business, helping you get the most

    from your supplies. From co-developing new products all the way through how effectively products are used, we make sure you have exactly what you need

    to optimize performance:

    Relieving the pressure requires more than a supply vendor

    Customized solutions from surgical procedure

    trays and at-home care kits to crisis

    supply management

    Standardized practices to help reduce

    variation in care

    Streamlined logistics to keep your

    clinicians focused on care over

    non-clinical tasks

    Data-driven, formulary guidance to

    help you make smarter buying